Small Red Dragon Head Backflow Incense Burner


This awesome looking red and gold dragon head is both an intricate and captivating backflow incense burner. Place a backflow incense cone on the dragon’s head and watch the swirls of smoke cascade through its nose.

This stunning burner is an absolute must-have and would make a perfect gift.

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This small red and gold dragon head backflow incense burner is sure to captivate with its intricate design. Standing at a compact height of 11cm and measuring 8cm in width and 11cm in depth, it is the perfect size to display on a shelf or tabletop.

To use the burner, simply place a backflow incense cone on the dragon’s head. The smoke will then swirl through its nose, creating a mesmerising and relaxing display.

Not only is this incense burner functional, but it also serves as a decorative piece that is sure to become a conversation starter. When packaged, it measures 14cm in height, 14cm in width, and 12.5cm in depth, making it the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Add this unique piece to your home and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere it creates.

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H10.5cm X W8.5cm X D10cm