Jumbo Lemon Grass Backflow Incense Cones (6 tins)


Bring the refreshing aroma of lemon grass into your home with our handmade tray of Lemon Grass backflow incense cones by Elements Home Fragrance.

This tray includes 6 individual tins of 20 cones each, all of which are handmade in India using traditional techniques. These cones are specially designed for use in backflow incense burners, and they create impressive smoke flow displays while filling your home with the invigorating scent of lemon grass. Each jumbo cone has an approximate burn time of 40 minutes, and the entire set is vegan-friendly.

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This tray of incense cones measures H10.2cm x W7.1cm x D7.1cm, and the packaging measures H10.3cm x W21.5cm x D14.3cm. Before using these incense cones, be sure to read the directions carefully. They are specifically formulated for use in backflow incense burners, and using them in a different type of burner may not produce the desired effect.

Add some aromatic ambiance to your home with these handmade Lemon Grass backflow incense cones. They’re a great way to enjoy the refreshing fragrance of lemon grass while creating stunning smoke flow displays. So if you’re a fan of traditional techniques and beautiful home fragrances, this tray of Lemon Grass incense cones is the perfect choice for you.