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Help & FAQs

Where do you ship from, and how long will my order take?

Each of our orders will be dispatched directly from the United Kingdom within 1-2 working days and will take an additional 3-5 working day to be delivered.

Delivery times for orders from outside the United Kingdom may vary.

What type of incense do I need?

To achieve the awesome smoke effect with each of our backflow burners, you will need to use incense cones. This is because incense cones are denser than regular incense, allowing the smoke to dramatically fall in twists and swirls instead of rising like typical smoke.

We have a great range incense cones available and will be continuously adding new products to our store, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Please note that each of our backflow burners will come with approximately 3-5 demo incense cones for demonstration purposes only, and incense cones with fragrances will need to be purchased separately.

How long does an incense cone burn for?

Typically, each of our incense cones will approximately burn for around 15-20 minutes, while the aroma will last for approximately one hour. This may vary based on the type of incense cone used.

How do you burn an incense cone?

Whilst using your incense burner and incense cones, we suggest to place them in a windless environment to ensure it achieves the cascading “waterfall” smoke effect.

To light your incense cone, simply light the tip of the cone. Then fan the flame, which will give off a delicate wisp of smoke indicating the incense cone is now burning.

Place your incense cone on or in your incense burner with the tip facing up to achieve the cascading smoke effect.

Extreme caution should be taken when lighting and when removing the cone from the incense burner, as it can be very hot. We advise to use tongs and/or gloves where possible.

Do you offer free shipping?

Absolutely! All orders over £50 and in the United Kingdom will be shipped for free. Any orders below £50 will be charged from £3.99 for shipping (the United Kingdom only). Shipping costs may vary for any orders outside of the United Kingdom.

How do I contact support?

Our support team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about our backflow burners and/or incense cones! Please feel free to contact us via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.